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Karl's 9 Things - VCU

Posted on November 15, 2017, in Team by Karl Hess.

The Hoos play their first road game of the season late Friday afternoon at VCU. The start time will be just after 4 PM and I'm still annoyed by that. With Mike Rhoades replacing the departed Will Wade as head coach of the Rams, HAVOC is back. We all know what that entails and it figures prominently in what I'll be looking for in the game.

A Quick Start On Offense

Three games, three appearances. As promised in Karl's 9 Things - Austin Peay , this section will make an appearance until it no longer needs to. The Hoos got the job done against Austin Peay with the offense rolling essentially from the tip off.  Playing in what promises to be a raucous environment at the Siegel Ce...

Hot Take: The NCAA Bribery Scandal

Posted on September 27, 2017, in Recruiting by StLouHoo.

We were all shocked on Tuesday morning as the FBI unsealed indictments against a small array of college assistant coaches, athletic apparel company employees, and sports agents. That shoe companies illicitly influence college basketball recruiting is not really a secret. We've all seen Blue Chips. But while we've all become numb to the NCAA turning a blind eye, it is shocking to see the Feds getting so involved.

Now, on the surface, this doesn't directly affect us as UVA fans. Tony Bennett is widely understood to be one of the most honest men in college basketball, and he runs his staff that way too. UVA, under Craig Littlepage, runs a pretty tight ship across the revenue sports. There ar...

Welcome back to the Hoos Place 2017 Offseason Refresh, where we review last season and this summer's personnel moves for all 15 ACC programs in alphabetical order. To read program capsules already complete, you can click here. Today we look at the...

Louisville Cardinals

(Updated 9/27 after the dismissal of coach Rick Pitino)

Louisville entered this offseason with high hopes. Quality returning veterans? Check. 5-star youngsters off the bench? Check. Proven coach? Check. Well, that was all well and good until the FBI revealed Top 10 freshman Brian Bowen was allegedly paid $100,000 to attend Louisville, and Rick Pitino was fired a day later. The veteran talent remains, but who will lead the...