Tag: Virginia Tech (Basketball(M))

StLouHoo joins Val and Seattle, and the whole HOOS Place crew gets into the nitty gritty of the football win over Virginia Tech and berth in the ACC Championship Game, and the basketball team on the eve of the ACC-B1G Challenge. StLou previews Purdue and UNC, while Seattle and Val take stock of the Hoos hoopers based on the data from the first 7 games.


Whenever the time came, I had a feeling Virginia Tech's long winning streak against Virginia would end with a whimper or with the Hokies fighting and clawing to keep the Commonwealth Cup away from the Wahoos. There'd be no in between.

Early in the season, with UVa rolling and Tech struggling, it looked like it would be possible for that first scenario to play out in reality. But entering Friday's game, with the Hokies having won six of seven games, including two...

If you asked what a perfect season for UVA football would be, it'd certainly include the following: Beat Tech.  Beat Carolina.  Beat Maryland.  (On a related note: please DIAF, realignment.)  Win the Coastal Division.  Win the ACC CG.  Play in the Orange Bowl (normally reserved for the ACC champ.)  A berth in the playoff would be nice, and a national championship would be nice (or mind-bendingly amazing, but, same thing.)  But football's a different animal from basketball, and UVA will always have a cliff to climb in recruiting against the Amazon River of bag money that flows to players at schools like Alabama and Ohio State.