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Nothing can top the result of the 2018-19 Virginia basketball season, because it ended with a national championship. And for a while, I figured nothing would be able to top the craziness of that season either, with the way it ended with one heart-stopping thriller after another in the NCAA tournament.

But then this year happened.

For a large portion...

It's been a while, but we are finally back to talk hoops. But first, Val fills us in on some women's soccer news, as two Cavaliers will be playing for our country. Then we dive into the men's basketball team's triumph over the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill and place it into context. Casey's getting better, Tomas is getting better, Kody is getting better, Kihei belongs on the All-ACC teams but is he or Mamadi the team MVP? The real issue animating Seattle and Val, however, is whether it is the Texas Two-Step or a reverse Texas Two-Step. Finally, Seattle grieves the departure of Vic So'oto.

Shot selection has been an issue.  Not all of the outside shooting struggles are inexplicable. Some players have consistently taken a number of ill-advised shots, either because of their distance, the context, or the lack of rhythm. Some players do not seem to recognize that given their shooting percentages, they should not be primary shooting options, while others for some reason seem to think they should not be taking their shots. This is not a function of experience, either, as Mamadi Diakite and Braxton Key have each been as guilty as Casey Morsell and Kihei Clark of settling for low-percentage long jumpers.