Tag: Maine (Basketball(M), November 27, 2019)

StLouHoo joins Val and Seattle, and the whole HOOS Place crew gets into the nitty gritty of the football win over Virginia Tech and berth in the ACC Championship Game, and the basketball team on the eve of the ACC-B1G Challenge. StLou previews Purdue and UNC, while Seattle and Val take stock of the Hoos hoopers based on the data from the first 7 games.


In his preview of Virginia's 46-26 exsanguination of the Maine Black Bears, StLouHoo identified his three keys of the game:

1) Attack the passing lanes.

Virginia welcomed Maine to the JPJ as the Cavaliers concluded their slate against New England (Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine.). To date, the Black Bears had only beaten Division I newcomer Merrimack and some school called the Maine Maritime Academy.  How would they fare against the best defense in the country?