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Common Factors

Posted on January 9, 2020 in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

Virginia's three losses this season share a common factor (I'm sure more than one, but this one was big). In all three, an opposing guard started the game off hot, and that player's hot shooting gave his team a scoring advantage and the initiative in the game. Virginia was put into the position of chasing the game.

Against Purdue, poor Virginia screen defense allowed Sasha Stefanovic to bury three three-pointers in three minutes on his way to 6-10 3FG shooting a...

With a first-ever ACC Championship Game appearance and a pair of big-time basketball games, your HOOS Place Studio gang had a lot to discuss! Val was out with an injury but StLouHoo stepped in to help keep Seattle in line, and 2017-18 ACC Defensive Player of the Year Isaiah Wilkins joined us from Poland. The mood was upbeat following the Orange Bowl bid and the bounceback win over Baby Blue.


There is a very strong impulse to forget this one. It will go down in the annals of most humiliating losses in Virginia Basketball history.  No way around it.  From the head coach to the guy on the end of the bench, the Purdue Boilermakers spanked the Cavaliers with a steel girder.  Before the game, StLouHoo identified three keys the Hoos would have to hit in order to come away with the win: