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Common Factors

Posted on January 9, 2020 in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

Virginia's three losses this season share a common factor (I'm sure more than one, but this one was big). In all three, an opposing guard started the game off hot, and that player's hot shooting gave his team a scoring advantage and the initiative in the game. Virginia was put into the position of chasing the game.

Against Purdue, poor Virginia screen defense allowed Sasha Stefanovic to bury three three-pointers in three minutes on his way to 6-10 3FG shooting a...

We talk a little basketball and a little football, as Seattle Hoo coerced Carson McCorkle's dad Brad back onto the show to update us on Carson's injury, then StLouHoo broke up Seattle and Val's grousing and moaning about the HOOps team's holiday spirit against Stony Brook and South Carolina to analyze the football early signing day results. As bad as the basketball team looked against South Carolina is about as good as the football recruiting class looks! Then Seattle ruins the mood with horrible puns on the way out.

In Virginia's last P5 non-conference game of this first 20-conference-games season, the South Carolina Gamecocks made their return visit to the JPJ.  In his preview, StLouHoo set out his three "Keys to getting the win:"

1) Ball security.