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The preseason preview is winding down. The next thing we write will be the Pitt game preview. We've covered a lot of ground to this point; in depth position group previews, critical looks at each side of the ball, a game-by-game breakdown of the season, and a look at the rest of the Coastal. Now's the point where our writers share their final thoughts going into the new year, their hopes and fears and everything in between. 

Karl Hess

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We approach each season with high hopes. We always have, we're painful optimists. But those hopes have accelerated after last year's progress. Virginia is a trendy pick to win the Coastal and get a few monkeys off its back with a big year; but being a preseason favorite wins you no games, and instead just paints a target on your back. Getting over the hump this year is everyone's goal. What is it going to take to actually turn those goals into reality? Hoos Place's writers weigh in with our Keys to the Season:

Every year, we like to do a piece on bold predictions. Emphasis is on the "bold." We want our writers' long shot bets on the year ahead. It has to be more specific and more daring than "UVA will win a lot of games," though preferably stopping short of the simply impossible like "Georgia Tech is going to run the table." We've asked each of our writers to share their thoughts on this topic; lets hope some of these come true:

Karl Hess

Charles Snowden has a bre...