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Nothing can top the result of the 2018-19 Virginia basketball season, because it ended with a national championship. And for a while, I figured nothing would be able to top the craziness of that season either, with the way it ended with one heart-stopping thriller after another in the NCAA tournament.

But then this year happened.

For a large portion...

Two losses have dented the spirits of the Wahoo faithful, but the banner still hangs. Val and Seattle break down the losses to Syracuse and Boston College, and delve into the effort level and how to fix the offense. Seattle presents a scouting report on upcoming opponents Florida State and Georgia Tech. Are the Seminoles as fierce as Val fears? Listen to find out.



Common Factors

Posted on January 9, 2020 in The Team by Seattle Hoo.

Virginia's three losses this season share a common factor (I'm sure more than one, but this one was big). In all three, an opposing guard started the game off hot, and that player's hot shooting gave his team a scoring advantage and the initiative in the game. Virginia was put into the position of chasing the game.

Against Purdue, poor Virginia screen defense allowed Sasha Stefanovic to bury three three-pointers in three minutes on his way to 6-10 3FG shooting a...