Tag: Clemson (Basketball(M), February 5, 2020)

It's been a while, but we are finally back to talk hoops. But first, Val fills us in on some women's soccer news, as two Cavaliers will be playing for our country. Then we dive into the men's basketball team's triumph over the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill and place it into context. Casey's getting better, Tomas is getting better, Kody is getting better, Kihei belongs on the All-ACC teams but is he or Mamadi the team MVP? The real issue animating Seattle and Val, however, is whether it is the Texas Two-Step or a reverse Texas Two-Step. Finally, Seattle grieves the departure of Vic So'oto.

My dear friend Deb came into town short notice, so I only saw this game with one eye sitting in a restaurant, but it was readily apparent that all the ills that have plagued this team this season were not cured by a bye week. In what will surely be the most overused metaphor for the 2020 Cavs, the game was a rockfight, but with a nice tweak to the script: Virginia led from start to finish.