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Final Bowl Projections

Posted on December 6, 2019 in The Team by Karl Hess.

Bowl selections are made on Sunday. Here at HoosPlace, that means that it's time to go on the record with final projections.

Kendall is back this week to pinch hit for Maize.

Note that these selections were made prior to the PAC 12 Championship Game. But Karl was selfishly on vacation this week and could not publish until late Friday night.

As the regular season winds down, there is at least some clarity regarding which teams will actually be eligible to participate in bowl games this year. There are still a ton of variables at play that will begin sorting themselves out this weekend. Those variables will go a long way towards determining the matchups.

We could sit around and wait for that. Or we could speculate wildly. Being wrong has never stopped us before and it won't now. On to the speculating...

The Hoos had a bye last week, so they were stuck in neutral. But that doesn't mean that the college football universe was quiet.

Tua broke his hip. It ended his season and possibly the Crimson Tide's playoff hopes. Minnesota's dream season took a serious blow losing at Iowa. And Oklahoma staged a huge comeback to beat Chip and Joanna U at home in Waco.