Health And the National Championship

Posted on November 12, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

In the message board debates over Tony Bennett's Virginia NCAA Tournament history, many are always quick to point out that the Cavaliers have a history of important injuries come tournament time.  The 2012 team had no Malcolm Brogdon and Joe Harris was playing with a broken hand.  In 2014, Anthony Gill got hurt in the Michigan State game.  In 2015, Justin Anderson was trying to come back from a broken hand.  The 2016 team was healthy until it suffered a collective mental breakdown with 9 minutes to go in the Elite Eight.  The 2017 team went into the NCAA tournament without Isaiah Wilkins, and in 2018, De'Andre Hunter and Jay Huff were injured.

Scouting Report: Keon Johnson AAU

Posted on November 11, 2018, in Recruiting by Seattle Hoo.

Keon Johnson is believed to be one of Tony Bennett's "Plan A" recruits for the class of 2020.  The 6-6 wing is on his official visit to the University of Virginia this weekend, along with fellow "Plan A" 2020 recruit Reece Beekman, a point guard from Louisiana.  Here's hoping the two of them hit it off famously, because they would make a fantastic backcourt combination ala Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy, although with a very different game profile.  Full game video on Beekman has to this point eluded me, but thanks to my Baller.TV subscription, I was able to watch Keon in action last April at the Atlanta Jam.  He played with the EAB Tennessee 2019 Tigers against another Tennes...

Imagine that it is the first round of March Madness and the Hoos are set to play their first round game. Only Ty Jerome isn't playing. In fact, he hasn't dressed out and he spends the game between the team bench and a box seat.  The game result almost doesn't matter: how many questions would Coach Bennett have to answer about Jerome's absence? 


Senior Day

Posted on November 9, 2018, in Football by Karl Hess.

It's hard to believe, but Saturday afternoon is Senior Day at Scott Stadium. The season has flown by for the Hoos it seems. Now, awaiting UVA (6-3, 4-2) is Liberty (4-4) for the rare nonconference game in November. The Hoos will look to use the first meeting between the programs to bounce back from a disheartening loss to a physical Pitt Panthers team.

The Hoos are big favorites against the Flames. What are the keys to making Senior Day a success and avoiding t...

Badger And Mongoose

Posted on November 8, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

A couple weeks ago, I started getting Harold Deane vibes from what I was hearing about Kihei Clark.  When he took the court against Towson, he immediately fulfilled one prediction that had been heard with growing frequency: Kihei Clark is going to be a fan favorite.  Then I saw this photo and I knew he had to have a nickname:

2018 Bowl Projections - Week 2

Posted on November 8, 2018, in Football by Karl Hess.

We know that last Friday's rain soaked loss to Pitt impacted the ACC Coastal race. But did dropping that game change the Hoos' projected bowl fortunes too? Join Kendall, MaizeAndBlueWahoo, and myself on our latest tour of the college football postseason landscape to find out.

College Football Playoff


Cotton Bowl: 1 Alabama vs 4 Michigan

NCAA Tourney Preview -- The Mailbag

Posted on November 8, 2018, in Soccer(W) by Valentine.


Once upon a time I sat in front of my TV and watched my guts get slowly pulled out in front of me.  Nine years ago, to be quasi-exact.  As any hockey fan knows, there's no better postseason anywhere than the Stanley Cup playoffs.  And as any Red Wings fan knows, the playoffs are an annual rite of spring that almost always end with your guts on the floor.  They're there because you once had the legitimate, real hope that this was the year Stanley would come home.  Occasionally it happened.  Four times in my life so far, actually.  (Stanley is hoisted by team after team, faithfully, every year, but somehow it only looks right when the winged wheel is under...

Hyped For the Hoos

Posted on November 6, 2018, in Our Blog by Seattle Hoo.

As excited as I am for the season to start today, it's hard to believe that just over seven months ago I wasn't even sure I could stand to watch college basketball anymore.  That loss hit me hard, as hard as any sporting event has - and as a Virginia and New York Giants fan for 40 years or so, that's saying a lot!  But a funny thing happened: thinking about Tony and the men and how they didn't have the option of walking away led me to get over it.  And once I had made the decision to be here for them, it didn't take long to start focusing on the future - and then to enjoy and appreciate all of the great moments of the season, because there were so many.