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Yesterday: The Mission: Thunder and Lightning

Let it rain, here comes the rain again, dancing in the rain, the first thing that comes to mind with these guys is the ball splashing through the hoop from long-range. Only Kyle Guy hit more than Ty Jerome's 40% from the arc (with all due respect to Isaiah Wilkins, your measly seven attempts don't count), with a sick, coach-threatening 49.5%. Ty hits them from the parking lot and Kyle only needs a sliver of the space-time continuum to get his shot off. Neither lacks in confidence and the shot clock makes them laugh.  The Cavaliers lost their...

Keys to Beating Carolina

Posted on October 13, 2017, in Football by Kendall.

It's right there in front of us, Hoofans. A chance to end this stupid losing streak to North Carolina and set thigns right in the world. A chance to move to 5-1 (FIVE AND FUCKING ONE!) and 2-0 in the ACC. A chance to get into what I think most reasonable rooters view as our groove of success: a tough out in the ACC and a perennial 6-6/7-5/8-4 type bowl team. (This season is the first season of the rest of our lives. May we never miss another postseason!)

Carolina has been really, really good the last couple of seasons (8-5/5-3 last season, 11-3/8-0 in 2015), and they've curbstomped our Hoos (35-14 last season, and a not-nearly-as-close-as-it-appears 26-13 in 2015), but they've c...

We're competing with cheaters.  It's not a level playing field.  If they're not straight-up buying players or providing hookers, they're creating fake classes to relieve them of the need to attend classes and do work to stay eligible, or they're doing whatever Syracuse did to get punished.  It's disheartening and enraging - and tempting.  We need to compete, and we have these standards, maybe it's foolish to insist on maintaining the standards while everyone around us is either cheating or at least lowering their standards.

I see it differently.  Ideals are powerful.  We need to hold to our ideals, and come together in determination to keep those ideals stron...

Hoo fans received a pleasant surprise Monday with the sudden commitment of California point guard Kihei Clark, class of 2018. 

Clark first came to our attention last week, when we learned that he was the reason Tony had been spending time on the West Coast over the last month. (And yes, shameless brag that Hoos Place was the first to give Hoos fans this scoop!)

Assessing the Impact of Mamadi Diakite

Posted on September 22, 2017, in Data by Seattle Hoo.

The potential of Mamadi Diakite was always obvious to us from the moment we saw the first highlight video long before he was ranked in the top 50 by 247Sports and Scout (now both owned by the same company and soon to be merged).  The 6-9 athlete-scholar from Ghana by way of Blue Ridge School (digression: why do so many people say 'from Blue Ridge School by way of Ghana? Can't they scan the grammar of the sentence? 'From the waypoint by way of the origin' would sound completely absurd, yet that is what so many people effectively say) is long, bouncy, quick as the proverbial cat, and competitive.  Many of us waited over two years to see him play with eager anticipation.  When...

Welcome back to the Hoos Place 2017 Offseason Refresh, where we review last season and this summer's personnel moves for all 15 ACC programs in alphabetical order. To read program capsules already complete, you can click here. Today we look at the...

Wake Forest Deamon Deacons

Wake Forest had a surprisingly adequate season last year, riding the breakout of now-departed big man John Collins to go .500 in the ACC and earn an 11 seed in last year's Big Dance. Are the returning Deacons up to the task of repeating?

Coach: Danny Manning; 81-81 in 5 seasons overall; 43-52 (16-38) in 3 seasons at Wake Forest

2016-17 Record: 19-14 (9-9); ACCT 2nd round (10 seed); NCAAT Play-In game (11 s...

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