Seattle Hoo

The notorious Seattle Hoo from ancient message board arguments

My first college basketball hero was Ralph Sampson. When I moved to Virginia at the start of high school, I became a Wahoo in reaction to the obnoxious Carolina fans surrounding me in southern Virginia. Given the chance to be an actual Wahoo, I seized it, then seized it again to become a Double Hoo. Never regretted it, even in the Gillen-Leitao-Groh-London years.

Writing has been in my blood longer than sports, and once the web came along, I hopped on. I founded HOOpS Online at the crest of the first wave of internet publishing, turned down a chance to found the Virginia Rivals site because I didn't want to follow a formula and make others rich, then founded HOOS Place more than a decade later.

Thanks to Tony Bennett, I finally saw my Hoos win a national championship, and was in the arena for one of the top five moments in NCAA Tournament history. Kihei Clark to Mamadi Diakite, from despair to elation in 5.7 seconds.

Now here I am.

Every day is another opportunity to get it right

Super Smurfs

It has been no secret that I am not a fan of the idea of Reece Beekman and Dante Harris being the main backcourt. I would like to expand on my thoughts.
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Upfront Anticipation

In the first issue, we looked at the backcourt, because it is that backcourt that will take the Hoos as far in the NCAA as they will go. Now we look at the frontcourt, which must complement the guards
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The Disruptor And Virginia Defense

A few years back, I started using the terms "Horizontal Disruptor" and "Vertical Disruptor" to analyze frontcourt players in Tony Bennett's Packline defense. What do those terms mean?
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For the first time in a few years, I am fairly bursting with anticipation for the upcoming hoops season. This is in my evaluation the best roster Tony has had in five years.
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The Final Season: Crossing Sabres

The Cavaliers will joust with the Furman Paladins in the first round of the tournament
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The Final Season: A Little Short

The Hoos late comeback came up a little short. It was a theme
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The Final Season: Return of the Beast

A tragedy for one player was the opportunity for another to be the Next Man Up
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The Final Season: The Dynamic Duo

The All-ACC awards were announced yesterday and the ACC Tournament begins today. For the first time in four years, the Defensive Player of the Year will lead UVA into battle.
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The Final Season

The ACC Tournament starts Tuesday, the beginning of the second 2022-23 season - the final season of an era in UVA hoops - the Post-Championship Era
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When Beekman was Dunn, Clark Downed the Molson

It was a "beautiful" struggle where one hero fell and a new one arose. Now we await the last titanic struggle before conference play
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